Monday, March 23, 2009

My Brother

I know I have a brother. Not had one.
He has always been there for me, maybe not always in body but always in spirit.
He has watched over me, protected me but still let me make my own mistakes.
Without him I would not be who I am.
Thank you again, my brother.
I may not of known you, and I may not remember what you looked like.
But I have always known you are there.
Thank you for giving me such great friends to make me feel like I haven't lost a brother but gained more.
Thank you for showing me that in the worst of times, I can just look toward my loved ones and they will make me smile.
Thank you helping me realize to enjoy my life.
Happy Birthday Bro.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Hey all (even though I have no idea if anyone actually reads this). I just wanted to talk about relationship a boyfriend has with his girlfriend's friends. Most guys would agree with me when I say it is important to make friends with the gff (gf's friends). And its for obvious reasons, no matter what your gf says they have the ability to make or break the initial parts of a relationship or even a long one. These girls are her opinions, they can make your life easier or a lot harder. So of course, I did attempt this in my own relationship. It was working fine to begin with, I was cool with all her friends and I was able to actually make a really good friend out of one her friends. But I know the world isn't perfect, and especially with girls...drama occured. I know every girl thinks of her closest friends are as close as family but I also know for a fact at one point they were probably the worst enemies too. I'm not gonna go into details, I'll just get to the results. Devides were made and I ended up losing my good friend and her boyfriend (who was becoming just as good as friend) and the lost my trust of my gf's other friends. Now I don't know what to believe and what to know whats true or not, but thats not my issue. In the end I will be there for my gf, she is what's important to me. So if this is her decision, then I'll follow, no matter what the loses are. The issue I have, is that what did all of my attempts to make friends with this girls for? Because as the situation is now, I feel like none of the girls (that my gf still talks to) want anything to do with me and the only way they would even consider talking to me is where I have been put as the outsider. It just makes me wonder if I should of just not tried, let them be and not become friends with them. I mean that's what my girlfriend did, and she never had a problem with any of my friends (but my friends are wicked awesome ;) ). At least not to the point where my friends will refuse to hang out if its just the three of us. Eh, I guess this is the road i decided to take and I can only roll with the punches. Just to make the record straight, I don't have a problem with any of the girls anymore, if they do that's on them. I have grown from my mistakes and I know how to be civil. The last thing that gets to me is that I admit I made some mistakes and me and my gf have argued about thing where I shouldn't of said or felt. But why can't we all just move on? I mean I was able to just try to move on from my issues about them, why can't they? I'm the boyfriend, and I'm not going anywhere.

I fee like I've lost a good amount of friends this past year, and I know a good amount is probably my own fault. I have grown from it and if they have maybe things may not have to be the way they are.

Happy New Years everyone :)
God bless

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


So my sister and I have been talking about getting Tattoos together in memory of our brother. My sister is getting a poem she wrote on herself and I was trying to figure something out for me. And I thought a lot about this, because I've always wanted one but never had the balls to do it or a good enough of a tattoo to actually do it. But if I found a good enough idea, I would do this for my bro's memory. So I finally thought of something. I want to get the hamsa symbol (or hand of fatima) on my back with my brother's name in arabic under it with his birth date. The hamsa symbol is for protection and with his name it would be like how I feel about him. The fact that I feel he has been protecting me. I want to put the birth date because of how I feel about when anyone I know has died. I like to think about how people lived rather than that they died. I'd rather celebrate and remember their birth and life, then morn the death.....Anyway, here is a pic of the tattoo of hamsa.
Oh and its by Frank Wilson....I figured I would give the artist credit for his work.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Not so amusing

So went to Six Flags...i know i know. MORE FLAGS MORE FUN! hahah but seriously wtf is wrong with amusement parks.....they are just trying to screw you. Leila was able to kick ass at Deal or No Deal and she won 500+ tickets for us to realize....the tickets wouldn't us shit! we ended up getting random toys bought at a dollar store. Then there is the new thing they are doing in 6 flags. At every rollercoaster, you have to put ur stuff in a big deal...ITS A DOLLAR EACH basically theyre trying to charge you for the rides. Since 60 bux admission isn't enough. (So what if i paid 25 a ticket). On the other hand, a fun game to play is calling your friends certain animals!

Just cuz we are that cute together

Monday, August 4, 2008

Ode to the Heroes of the Drunks

Yes, we all have been there....SO gone that your acting a fool. It's fun, but it can def get you in trouble.....note to self: don't lick people.....This weekend my girlfriend and a best friend got drunk for the best friend's bday. When I met up them they were already gone, and it made me realize I wasn't getting drunk that...Why you may ask? Well I have this thing about me, If I'm not drunk before the girls that I am around, then I won't get drunk just because I figured I will be taking care of them afterward. Of course I will let them have their fun, watch them bitch out every person in their way. Wear my shoes on the wrong feet so they won't have to go to the bathroom in their heels...oh yea the bathroom was across the hall. I'll let them get comfy as they forced themselves to take a nap on my lap. Let them complain to me about every little problem that they would never really think about but now they're drunk. OH and the most important, holding their hair, patting their backs as they hurl. Now I know what your thinking, what an awesome night, but actually I wouldn't have it any other way, they both had their fun and that's what matters and I realize I've made others do it for me. So this is to the Heroes of the Drunks, those amazing friends/family that makes sure you get back from club/frat/bars/house parties in one piece.
I'll leave with some pics to better explain my story:
The Girls

Thanks friends for taking care of me and you know I got you.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So I received a very interesting piece of paper today. I received my diploma! You never know how much power a piece of paper has, until it is truly important to you. I mean I worked my ass off for four years, got 40k+ of loans, and lived in Newark for this thing, this piece of paper. I'm going to quote my mom for this one: "Lets frame it, I'll buy the fire-proof frames. It's expensive and nice!" HOLY SHIT, they make fire-proof frames! And I leave with a pic of the piece of paper that a lot of my friends are trying to get also, good luck!

By the way, yes it has 2 schools on it, NJIT and Rutgers, and YES CUM LUADE!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Old or Young?

So I am lucky, I know it. I got a job b4 I finished college and it's one I like and good at. I have my degree that i worked for and got in four years, which I know is a big accomplishment. I have the girl of my dreams that my family approves of. So whats wrong? I feel kinda old....The week after I graduated I got my first letter from one of my loans and at work I had to register for health/dental/life insurances. I'm that 9-5 guy, I crave for those fridays and I morn the mondays. Almost all of my friends are still in school, or they are going to grad school, or just getting into college....I see my friends go out on weds, party till 3-4 in the morning. I send myself to bed early because I'm trying my best to keep this job. It makes me feel old.

On the other hand, when I am at work, I feel really young. All of my co-workers have been working for this company have been working for at least 10 years there. That means they would of started when I was 12, AT LEAST. They have kids, multiple kids, some that are as old as 14, I have friends that are that age (family friends). I sit with them and listen to them discuss whether The Dark Knight is good for kids to watch. I really wanted to just say, why so serious? So here I am, stuck in some sorta of crossroad of old and young. But its like a highway and I'm frogger trying to cross it. What to do?

I am going to enjoy it! I Love frogger! My parents are nice enough to let me live at home....and I know what your thinking...What are you doing living at home?!? Listen, I'm a software engineer, does that sound like a title they'll give someone who is dumb? I am going to save up, all I have to pay for are the loans and a few bills. I get free food and a free place to stay. And my rents cover my gas most of the time. This may be bs, but I heard that people stay with their rents till their 25 nowadays.....I just want to stay till the end of the year so I know I'll be good. Right now, I can take out my girl every night I see her, I can go to a club/bar without worrying about the cover or how much the drinks are. I can finally go places and pay for it myself, be it Broadway or maybe a weekend in Florida or Vegas. So I maybe stuck in the awkward place between adulthood and the last of years of my childhood but I might as well enjoy it while I can. Especially that everyone around me have been saying the same thing to me....that they can hear the wedding bells....Oh...I think I can hear them to, time to go in the other direction!